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Mumble is a great program, but that is no reason to stop polishing it. There are numerous areas where the development team needs help, and if you feel like contributing, then any of the below is for you.

Find and report Bugs, suggest features

Use the developer snapshots of Mumble and Murmur (downloads on main page) and see if you can find any issues with them. If you do, check if the issue has already been reported, add details if you have more, or add a new tracker item if it has not been reported yet. The issue tracker can be found at

You may also want to suggest new features at

Design / Layout

We are in search of someone motivated to create a skin for our MediaWiki (this wiki/website). As you can see we currently use the default style but would like a better and more unique look.

For more information, suggestions and work-in-progess things see Contributing/WikiLayout (also includes refactoring of current codebase/html etc).


Mumble and all around it needs documentation. Great documentation for a great program.

Wiki: The Wiki documents are more or less up to date. It would be very helpful if someone went through them all and made them completely up to date. See categories Please Improve, Documentation.

Wikipedia: Someone that is not a development team member needs to maintain the article at Wikipedia. At the moment it’s missing references; try to find some. (This requires more work than just googling). Contributing to or creating a mumble article on non-English Wikipedia are also appreciated. See Promotion section below.

Ice methods: We have a generated documentation for exposed Ice methods. Although probably only developers using the doc will be able to understand it, please give us a note on any inconsistencies, errors or needed clarifications if you find them.


Mumble currently (March 2014) supports 18 different languages. As more people get to know and use Mumble versions in their native languages become more and more important.

We are thankful for any contribution on translating. Please check the Language Translation page for more information.


Get the word out. This means more than writing about it on your blog ;)

  • Ask (voice-)server hosters on if they also provide Mumble servers if you can’t find them.
  • Coordinate with one of the hosters providing free mumble servers and start promoting Mumble as the voicechat of choice for your favorite game.
  • Add mumble hosters you found to the Hosters page / update information.
  • Create How-Tos, Screencasts, Tutorials or Benchmarks on typical issues and topics, and publish them on prominent platforms.
  • Spread the word in groups – join our Steam Group


Mumble themes bring variety into Mumbles design and choices for different tastes.

Create new themes for Mumble! Information can be found on our Themes page.


3rd party Interfaces

Web interfaces, web-viewers, administration programs, CMS website modules – all neat things we would love to see! These could be written in any language supported by our Ice based RPC Interface (using the deprecated DBus Interface is no longer advised). You could start your own project or link up with an already existing one. To get an idea about how interaction with Murmur might look like you can take a look at the example scripts in our git repositories script folder.

Ice authenticators

See Authenticators. We’re happy for every authenticator and authenticator improvement you and the community can bring us!

Positional Audio

Most of our positional audio plugins regularly break on game updates. To read on how you can help us update the plugins see the Pluginguide page. You can even fix the update-issue forever for open source games, or if you want to add positional audio to your game, see Link.

Mumble itself

We are always looking for helping hands willing to contribute to mumble. You'll need a good understanding of C++ and previous knowledge in Qt is definitely helpful. The best way to get into mumble development is to link up with us on IRC (#mumble on freenode), there is always small stuff to do to get you started. Also check the Development page on more info about the source code and building it.